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Shark Champions

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Shark Champions

What we do in shark conservation

Humane Society International and the Australian Marine Conservation Society are joining forces for shark conservation, Australia-wide. We do this to help protect endangered shark populations and rays in Australian waters. Sharks are vital to healthy ocean ecosystems, but sadly in Australia and around the world, they are under threat from overfishing, culling programs and habitat loss. Together we are working on achieving better outcomes for sharks and rays in our oceans, but we’ll need you to join us by becoming a Shark Champion. It’s a small contribution that makes a world of difference, enabling us to continually promote Australian shark conservation.

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Issues facing sharks

Learn more about the issues facing sharks in Australia and how you can help become a shark conservation champion for their protection.

Shark Champions

Understanding sharks

We often hear about sharks in news headlines, but how much do we really know about these creatures? Most species of shark are harmless to humans, and all of them help maintain healthy oceans that sustain us.

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Will you help?

Please join us as a Shark Champion. You can support the conservation of sharks in Australia by signing one of our petitions or donating financially.

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