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Help Us With Shark Petitions

The best way you can help is to become a Shark Champion. You'll occasionally be asked for your involvement in shark petitions so we can influence change in harmful legislations.

Become A Shark Champion Today

It might not seem like much, but in fact, it's of immense help, simply partaking in easy, 30 second shark petitions.


Donate to Shark Conservation

Want to do more than just helping with shark petitions? You're more than welcome to donate to our shark conservation organisation. Sharks are a necessity to maintain an environment of balance in Australian waters, and you might be surprised to hear that many sharks are, in fact, now endangered. If you're compelled to donate to endangered animals, then please donate to shark conservation. A healthy ocean with Sharks at the top of the food chain is essential for life as we know it.

Sign Up For Updates

Don't feel obliged to donate to shark conservation; you can still help in many ways. First, become a shark champion and help us with shark petitions. Next, please sign up to our newsletters so you're updated with the latest news, events and stay in the loop. Lastly, we're also always looking for volunteers to assist in spreading the word through social media and content.

How We Get Results

The success of Shark Champions as an organisation is due to having a deep understanding of how the Australian political system functions, and rather than creating noise about the problem, we use the system to create politically and environmentally advantageous outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I donate?

If you're wanting to donate to endangered animals, then sharks are a great start. You can donate amounts from as little as $5 per month, it all counts.

Can I stop the Shark donation if I can't afford it?

Yes, you're not locked-in to make a donation, you can contact us at any stage to cancel the donation.