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Petition – Stop illegal shark finning

We need laws to have “Fins Naturally Attached"

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Finishing live-finning

Australia’s anti-finning laws are weak and inconsistent. Western Australia is the only place in Australia that still has a loophole which allows illegal shark finning to happen in all of its fisheries that harvest shark. Live shark finning is the term used for slicing fins off from living sharks, and dumping their bodies overboard. The practice of live finning at sea may still be happening because fishers in Western Australia are currently not required by law to bring the entire shark back to land in one piece with its fins on.

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How can we close the loophole?

A ‘fins naturally attached’ law would close this loophole because fishers would have to bring the sharks back in one piece with their fins on. Australia is lagging behind the United States, the European Union and India – they all have rules in place to make sure sharks are brought back in one piece with their fins attached. A ‘fins naturally attached’ law is recognised best practice and the very least we can do for these species that are important for our oceans’ health. It’s the first, immediate step we can take towards the ultimate goal of banning the trade in shark fin.