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Image Credits


Hammerhead: Liquid Productions, LLC/

Grey nurse shark: Peter Hitchins, courtesy South West Rocks Dive Centre

Blacktip reef shark: HSI/AMCS/N McLachlan

What we do

Reef shark:

Pink whiprays: Alex Kydd

Tiger shark: HQuality/


Header Image: HSI/AMCS/N McLachlan

Hammerhead and whale in net video: HSI/AMCS/N McLachlan

Hammerhead image: HSI/AMCS/N McLachlan

Animals caught in nets and drumlines on Gold Coast: Nicole McLachlan

Aerial surfer: Jamen Percy/

Fisheries page

Header Image: Sirtravelalot/

Shark on boat: Andreas Altenburger/

Dead sharks: Anastasios71/

Seal in net: Kev Gregory/

Hammerheads: AMCS

Shark Ecosystem

Header image: Willyam Bradberry/

Tiger shark: Yoshinori/

Whitetip Reef Shark: Cingular/

Epaulette shark: Vladimir Wrangel/

Whale shark: Chainarong Phrammanee/

Threatened Species

Header image: Great white shark: Shoolepoff

Thresher shark: nicolasvoisin44/

Scalloped hammerhead shark:

Great White Shark: AMCS

Sawfish: Nick Fox/

Understanding sharks

Header image:

Ray: Alex Kydd

Coral: John Rumney

Grey nurse shark:

Manta Ray: Alex Kydd

Drumline boat: HSI/AMCS/N McLachlan