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HSI and AMCS Shark/Marine Achievements

HSI and AMCS Shark/Marine Achievements

Nominated Great White Shark for protection

In 1997, HSI successfully nominated the Great White Shark to be listed under the Endangered Species Protection Act 1992 and later as Vulnerable under the Federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act) 1999.

Live shark finning banned in Australia

Thanks to AMCS, live shark finning at sea is now illegal in all Australian waters.

Nominated Grey Nurse Shark for protection

HSI successfully nominated the Grey Nurse Shark for Critically Endangered status on the east coast of Australia under the Federal EPBC Act.

Secured the Great Barrier Reef as a marine park

AMCS led and built the campaign, resulting in the declaration of the Marine Park in 1974 and later a World Heritage Area in 1982.

Nominated Scalloped Hammerhead for protection

As a result of a HSI nomination, the Scalloped Hammerhead was listed as Conservation Dependent in 2018 under the EPBC Act.

Reducing sharks caught in the Great Barrier Reef

AMCS has reduced the amount of sharks that can be fished by 300t in Queensland’s east coast fishery which spans the entirety of the Great Barrier Reef.

Nominated School Shark for protection

As a result of a HSI nomination, the School Shark was listed as Conservation Dependent in 2003 under the EPBC Act.

Protected 17,500km2 of WA coastline from shark fishing.

In 2018, AMCS ensured areas surrounding Australia sea lion colonies were closed to commercial shark fishing.

Shark species removed from QLD Government’s hit list

Following HSI’s legal action against shark culling in the Great Barrier Reef, the Queensland Government removed seven species of shark from its target list in 2018. This means that if found alive on a lethal drumline in Queensland, the sharks will no longer be shot dead.

Ningaloo Reef saved

Famous for whale sharks and manta rays, AMCS prevented a major marina development and secured 34% of the Ningaloo Marine Park in green zones, and most recently a World Heritage listing in 2011.

Passage of Federal EPBC Act 1999

HSI was one of the key NGOs behind the passage of the Federal EPBC Act in 1999, legislation under which 13 species of sharks are protected.

Securing habitat protection for the Grey Nurse shark

AMCS improved the protection of the (endangered) grey nurse shark by securing the protection of critical habitats in New South Wales and Queensland.

More than 100 species/habitats protected under Australian environment laws

HSI is responsible for nominating more than 70 species for protection under Australian environmental laws, and 28 of the 78 ecological communities protected by Federal legislation.

Marine Parks in state waters

In collaboration with state based groups, AMCS secured marine parks across Victoria, in central NSW, across SA, parts of WA and Queensland.

International Protection for Great White Shark

HSI was behind the ground-breaking global protection given to the Great White Shark from trade in its jaws and fins at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna And Flora (CITES). With us as their champions, many sharks are now protected at CITES.

Non-Government Organisation representative on the Shark-plan Representative Group (SRG).

The group meets annually to discuss current issues in the conservation and management of sharks around the country, and is made up of representatives of the commercial and recreational fishing sector, government agencies and NGOs. The group assesses Australia’s progress on the National Plan of Action for Sharks, Australia’s guiding documents on the conservation and management of sharks.

Chairing Shark Working Group

HSI co-chairs a Shark Working Group of campaigners fighting for sharks under international law, resulting in 34 species of sharks and rays being protected internationally.

Sustainable Seafood revolution

The highly successful Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide helps Australians protect sharks from fishing by empowering them to choose sustainably sourced seafood. The guide is available in paperback and as an app.

Challenge to Shark Fishery

HSI successfully challenged a decision to declare the Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery (SESSF) an ecologically sustainable Wildlife Trade Operation under the EPBC Act 1999. This resulted in increased protections for the Australian sea lion, eastern gemfish, Harrison’s dogfish and threatened albatross and petrels.

Stopped the Super Trawler

Secured changes to federal environmental laws enabling new, untried and destructive fishing methods (including the MV Margiris super trawler) in Australian waters, to be scientifically assessed and excluded.