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End the use of shark nets in NSW


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What's the catch?

The use of shark nets in Australia began as a public safety measure on Sydney’s beaches in 1937 in an effort to reduce the risk of shark bite. Today, NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) deploys shark nets at 51 beaches in NSW every year from September to April.

At lengths of just 150m, they are not meant as barriers to the open ocean.  Their sole purpose, then and now, is to provide public safety by reducing the local shark population. Make no mistake about it, this is a cull by any definition.

The problem is, shark nets, and specifically culling, does not reduce the risk of shark bite. Scientific evidence and studies from shark protection organisations show no link between the abundance of sharks and the safety of ocean users. In fact, since their introduction, 33 shark-human interactions have occurred on beaches in NSW outfitted with shark nets. They provide nothing more than a false sense of security. And what a cost.

Just look at the shocking statistics above. Now is the time for us to raise our voices together a ditch the nets in Sydney for good.

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What can we do?

Shark nets are indiscriminate, outdated, and ineffective. They have been installed at NSW Beaches since the 1930s, killing hundreds of marine animals every year for nearly a century. They do not provide protection, but instead a false sense of security.

Tell the NSW Government to ditch the nets for good and to continue investing in non-lethal alternatives. Let’s end the slaughter of dolphins, turtles, sharks, and rays.

Petition – Let’s end NSW shark nets

It's time these death traps were taken out for good

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