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Shark cullings & animals caught since 2001


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End Queensland Shark Culling

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The Queensland Government’s Shark Control Program has been killing marine wildlife with nets and drumlines since 1962 in a misguided effort to protect people from the risk of shark bite. Their deaths matter, and now we’re keeping count.

Shark Culling Facts

About half of the shark species caught in Queensland’s nets and drumlines pose very little risk to humans.

Even if an animal is released, it may not survive. Every animal entangled suffers when shark culling, Australia-wide.

Since 2012, Queensland’s Shark Control Program has been responsible for  7,504 animals being captured and 5,343 killed.

In Queensland, sharks are often drowned while caught in nets.

In QLD, Sharks are often caught on baited hooks attached to buoys, known as drumlines.

QLD needs to end senseless killing.

There are approximately 180 species of sharks in Australian waters, and only 3 were responsible for mistakenly biting humans. It’s not just QLD, Shark Culling Australia-wide is ineffective and harmful.

End Queensland Shark Culling

Call on QLD to end the cull

31,136 of 50,000 Signatures