Stop the silent extinction crisis beneath the waves

Over 70% of our Earth is ocean, yet the way we are interacting with it is deeply damaging to it and the creatures that live in it.

Without drastic action, uniquely Australian species could disappear before we even get a chance to know them. Endangered hammerheads will still be fished in the Great Barrier Reef, and iconic species like sawfish may no longer cruise our coasts and rivers.

We can’t let that happen.

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Save Our Endangered Sharks & Rays.

We must act now. Sign the petition below and urge the Australian Government to overhaul our most destructive fisheries by implementing the following solutions:

Protect threatened species as ‘no take’ species under law and make actions to support their recovery mandatory, with sufficient funding to achieve them.

Protect critical habitats from fishing through the establishment of sanctuary zones.

Regular and robust observer programs, including 100% electronic monitoring (i.e. cameras) on all vessels.

Improve Bycatch Reduction Devices (‘escape hatches’) to reduce catching threatened species in the first place.

Improve and prioritise data collection for data-poor species. This includes reporting what sharks and rays are caught and discarded to species-level.

Training fishers to safely handle sharks and rays to maximise the animal’s chances of survival when released.

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Become a Shark Champion today.

Join us and over 60,000 Shark Champions in tackling the issues sharks and rays are currently facing in Australian waters. Be a voice for precious marine life by calling on our elected leaders to give our endangered sharks and rays the protections they desperately need.

When it comes to sharks, we are their biggest threat but also their only hope. Become a Shark Champion today.