Sharks are friend not foe

Scared of sharks? You can probably thank the movies for that. Sharks are intelligent, curious and in some cases social animals, deserving of our respect. Despite the on-screen image of a mindless predator, sharks aren’t out to get us—drone footage has shown that more often than not, they’re not interested in us at all!

The deeper we dive into learning about sharks, it becomes clearer that they are vital and beautiful components of our ecosystems — and with animals this fascinating, there’s so much to learn!


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Why are sharks important to the ecosystem?

BY Lawrence Chlebeck

September 28, 2022


Sharks and the Impacts of Overfishing

BY Dr. Leonardo Guida

August 4, 2022


Upcoming Envoy: Shark Cull Screenings

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August 3, 2022


Shark Finning 101 - The Facts and the Statistics

BY Dr. Leonardo Guida

June 30, 2022


Are Sharks Endangered & If So, Why?

BY Dr. Leonardo Guida

June 1, 2022


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Summary maps: candidate areas to protect Australia's endemic sharks and rays

eastern angelshark

Fishery and spatial management solutions to inform the protection and recovery of Australia’s threatened endemic elasmobranchs


Review of the Non-Detriment Finding for CITES Appendix II listed Hammerhead Shark Species


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